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Retirement Success: Income, Risk, Taxes, and Incapacity Thumbnail

Retirement Success: Income, Risk, Taxes, and Incapacity

Investment Retirement Funding

September 7, 2023

6:00 - 7:00 PM

Virtual via Zoom

Lamont Brown MBA, CFP(R)

Learn key concepts important to retirement success

Join us for an informative webinar where we will illustrate key concepts important to retirement success.  Topics covered will be retirement income planning, risk management, tax strategies, and planning for potential incapacity.

Income Planning: Learn about various strategies to help generate a sustainable and reliable income stream, helping to ensure your financial security in your retirement years.

Risk Management: Learn how to identify and manage various risks that can impact your retirement like sequence of returns risk, market volatility, and longevity risk.

Tax Strategies: Explore tax-efficient planning techniques designed specifically for retirees.

Planning for Incapacity: Prepare for the unexpected by understanding the important questions you need to have answered.

Register to gain the knowledge and tools you need to achieve a successful and fulfilling retirement.