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repeatable process

Investment Management

Investment Management

We have a disciplined, repeatable process for investment selection, review, and management of your portfolio.

Asset Location is an important consideration when managing your investment portfolio.

Our Process

Understanding your values, goals, risk tolerance, and stage of life is the first step.

Your values play a major roll in your investment selection. Risk tolerance helps us to decide how to invest. Your goals set the time horizon for your investment selection.  Are you Pre-Retirement or Retirement?  With Pre-Retirement investing we look to grow your investments(if needed) or protect you against changing market conditions.  In Retirement, our focus is on income or use of your investments, preservation, and legacy.  Considering these factors we collaborate to establish an Investment Policy Statement, that helps us to make decisions along the way.  

Our Strategy

Investing in up and down markets requires and strategy to take advantage of opportunities and protect you against down markets.

The market and investments are tools to help you achieve your goals.  Our portfolio recommendations have three major pieces.  These pieces are a Strategic Core, Tactical Satellites, and Non-Correlated Asset.  In English, the Strategic core is a traditional stock and bond portfolio.  Tactical Satellite are short term investments meant to take advantage of market trends. Non-Correlated Asset is an investstment in an area that follows a different cycle than stocks and bonds.  We tailor our portfolios using individual stocks, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Mutual Funds, and Bonds.

Asset Location and Your Portfolio

Your portfolio is made up of investments that you will pay taxes on now, later and never.

Asset location is an important consideration when making decisions about your investments.  Decisions to sell or keep investments consider the impact on your current and future taxes.